Sustainable Building Design

If there’s a trend that is worth understanding, it’s sustainability, and now you can bring it to your own home. A Sustainable Home is a home that through its design, construction, and operation reduces or eliminates impact on our climate and environment, and that means building such a home benefits you, your local area, and the wider environment for many reasons.

Australian architects and environmental engineers are world leaders in sustainable building design, and the earlier sustainable principles are incorporated into your build, the better the end result is.

The process begins at the design stage and takes into account your home’s site, including the orientation, contour, and location. At this point, the project budget is reviewed because some sustainable home features can be relatively costly and you need to determine the necessary ones that will deliver your desired outcome.

These features help with water and electricity consumption as well as contribute to less waste, and include:

  • Solar Panels for hot water/electricity
  • Double Glazing
  • Rainwater harvesting/greywater
  • Thermal Insulation
  • In-slab heating
  • Smart Lighting
  • Energy Efficient Appliances
  • All taps/showerheads 3 WELS star or above
  • Use of Recycled materials


The construction of the home is important too, with the use of sustainably grown and sourced materials.  And the construction phase is instrumental in the sorting and recycling of all building waste to minimise landfill contributions.

Of course, lower cost options that deliver similar benefits are available, such as thermal blackout curtains instead of double glazing.  However, all designs and materials need to be considered carefully with your architect or designer, taking into account local climatic conditions and council regulations.

Additional external features, such as drought tolerant plants, add to sustainability by reducing water consumption.  Plus, the addition of a kitchen garden and harvesting your own produce all contribute to the overall sustainability of the home.


It’s best to collaborate with your builder throughout the entire design and construction journey to ensure your vision is achieved. By partnering with an experienced builder of sustainable homes, you will have access to the latest innovations in building materials and methods, as well as contemporary designs that maximise your home’s sustainability.

At Niche Building Solutions, we are committed to building sustainable homes that bring your vision to life and ensure you receive a home where you love to live.

If you’re thinking about incorporating sustainable design and construction into your home building project, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today and start the conversation.