How To Bring The Outside In With Your House Plans

If you’re wondering how to truly bring the outside into your house plans, you need biophilic design – yes, there is an official term for it!

Biophilic design is an expression of the relationship between nature, humans, and buildings.  And when it comes to building your home, this involves incorporating materials, colours, and visuals that occur in nature.

At Niche Building Solutions, we love to embrace elements of nature, and we’ve looked into the best ways you can bring them to your home. Read on to find out more.



Light is a very important factor in all homes, and when your plan is to bring the outside in, natural light becomes an essential element to bring biophilic design to your design and build project.

Large windows and patio doors, bifold doors, and stackable sliders all increase the amount of light in interior spaces, and large glass windows and doors can help seamlessly integrate the interior of your home with your garden.

Another way to illuminate spaces is the clever placement of skylights which bring natural light to dark corners. Plus, the effect of shadows helps to visually divide spaces.



The use of natural materials such as wood and natural stone creates a great connection with the outdoors.  Wood is a sustainable and versatile material, and studies have shown that when timber grains are visible, the nervous system relaxes and therefore lowers stress levels – a win all round!

Stone can be incorporated into benchtops and floors, as well as walls, bringing texture and visual interest to your home’s spaces.



There are many ways to create a smooth transition from inside to outside and harness biophilic design, and one such way is to mirror the materials used both indoors and outdoors.

A popular choice is to continue the same flooring from your home’s interior to the outside, creating a stunning alfresco dining area that feels part of the home.

Mirroring can also be achieved with wall cladding, and you can gain a similar effect by choosing the same paint colour for interior and exterior walls.



Natural colour combinations can be used to connect the inside with outside. There are hundreds of colours and finishes out there but try choosing colours from the surrounding landscape or garden and including them inside your home. This will make the most of your home’s natural surroundings, bringing a true sense of your local environment into your home.



Indoor plants not only brighten up a living space, but they also improve air quality and provide a boost to our wellbeing.  By using pots or built-in planters that coordinate with your décor and combining the foliage and textures with the natural materials inside your home, you provide the freshness of the outdoors all year round.



Open plan spaces, large windows, and sliding doors leading to outdoor areas are great ways to increase air flow throughout your home. Plus, movement of air increases air quality, providing a fresh, breezy feel to your home.

If you’re looking to bring the outdoors in with biophilic design, the experienced team at Niche Building Solutions is ready to talk with you! Contact us to start the conversation.